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Fish Count 2019
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Trophy Trout
 Fish on the FLY
Updated 5/12/19 PM

Fish Count 2018
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum

Fish Count 2017
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Fish on the FLY
Updated 12/16/17 PM

Fish Count 2016
Worst Year EVER!

 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
Updated 1/11/17

Fish Count 2015
Very BAD Year!

 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Fresh H2O Catfish
Updated 1/25/16

Fish Count 2014
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Trophy Catfish
 Fish on the FLY
Updated 1/27/15

Fish Count 2013
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Fish on the FLY
Updated 12/3/13

Fish Count 2012
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Fish on the FLY
Updated 12/02/12

Fish Count 2011
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Mega Stingray
Updated 1/6/12

Fish Count 2010
 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Monster Stingray
 Fish on the FLY

Fish Count
2003 thru 2009

 Bull Redfish
 Bull Drum
 Fish on the FLY



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We specialize in custom fishing equipment while trying to insure the future of the great sport of fishing.

If we have not met, my name is Oscar and almost always fish with my family or friends. I have two boy's Anthony and Albert. My wife's name is Priscilla and we have a daughter named Andie. We fish wherever we think we can catch a big fish. We go after Speckled Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Flounder, Sheepshead, Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, Snook and Shark. You name it. As long as it is big and can give a good fight we will try to catch it. We use artificial's with our conventional tackle, dead bait and even go with our fly rods. We typically release the fish we catch. Don't be mistaken; I do enjoy eating fresh fish.

I'm here to help you catch BIGGER fish in 2018!
Team C.B.F. is still in search of that elusive first Tarpon but we will go offshore with the yak in search for a ling, king or two. Priscilla still wants to catch a shark over 7' feet. Looks like we will be spending allot of time on the beach soaking BIG baits again in 2017! Maybe we will venture into Florida? If the sea weed comes in think I'm just going to Hit the bay and go after another 10# trout! The hard part about catching a big fish is finding them. We still have our boat and hope to use it more than we did last year. "Force Majeure" is a twenty foot Gulf Coast 200 powered by a 150 HP Yamaha. It's Sweet! (Click here for pictures)



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We at CATCHINGBIGFISH.NET truly believe that our children are the future of fishing.
We strive to provide learning experiences, family fellowship and opportunities for young people interested in sport fishing. We as parents need to teach our Children not only to gain knowledge about fishing, but learn to respect wildlife and the outdoors.

Hey! It does not hurt to brag about your kids. Send me a picture so I can post it on the Your KIDS Pictures Page(Page 1) (Page 2) . Then tell Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle John and Aunt Jackie to check them out on the internet at CATCHINGBIGFISH.NET

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We purchased a helmet camera and are trying to bring you the most exciting video's possible.
As of now we are still experimenting and seeing what looks the best.
Please check back often.

"Spare the rod lose a fisherman.
Teach a child how to fish."

If you have a MONSTER fish
caught in 2017 or any other year that you would
like to submit for the Monster List send them
to Monster List Entry!

(MONSTER = any DRUM over 43" Long)


Texas State Parks is hosting the Family Fishing Celebration, a special year long event to encourage parents to spend time enjoying one of Americas greatest past-times with their kids. To help make it easier to do this, adults will not be required to purchase a fishing license to fish in any Texas State Park any time from now through August 31, 2017.

CLICK HERE for more Family Fishing Celebration Information

If your are having issues in your life that you seem not able to overcome
please call a Friend or the
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


R.I.P. Andrew

Buddy Report's!!!

Sometime's I just can't make a trip with a friend but they still keep me informed. Here is one that my buddy Andrew "Cooter" Waguespack took.
It was a good one!

In his words:
"January 24th 2015 I was in Boca Raton, FL for our National Sales Meeting. The night before we had won the Distributor ship of the year award. Saturday afternoon we had free time, and a choice of golf, kayaking, or fishing. I of course chose fishing. 5 boats pulled up to take 30 of us fishing. We chose the boat with the fighting chair, because we figured they used it. We went out offshore maybe a mile, you could still see land clearly in the distance. For the first 3 strikes of the day (all king mackerel) I let other people take them. Then I saw a big strike and a sailfish jump. I jumped in the fighting chair quick! It was about a 15 minute fight, the fish took out a lot of line to begin with, but I got him under control, after a few minutes. The deckhand grabbed the fish and we took pictures, a measurement, and released it to swim another day. 72" sailfish, my first, and also my first fish of the new year!"

Attention Parents!
Please take the time to view the website below.

" is pleased to introduce the Take Me Fishing Information Briefs. These educational briefs have been designed as an entry-level introduction for kids and adults who are just getting started in the sports. They're written so that even the most inexperienced novice can gain an understanding about fishing and boating. Subjects covered in the briefs range from a basic introduction to fishing to more advanced topics like knot tying and boat maintenance. There's a kids guide to finding backyard bait and a guide for adults on how to take kids fishing while keeping it safe and fun.
The briefs feature easy to follow illustrations and are written in a manner that makes them adaptable to use with your existing teaching materials. You can download the briefs and print them out for your children and their friends.


YOUR LOGO HERE! is currently looking for sponsors.
Send me an Email if you are Interested.
For you hard core Bull Redfish and Shark fishermen this tournament is something you don't want to miss. Be a part of history and help this type of tournament succeed!
Catch and Release tournaments are the way of the FUTURE!
Here is your chance to make it happen.
Click on their banner for more information.

My Buddy Loy has been having some really good trips Lately.

Check out his LATEST Report!

Watch a GREAT Drone Catfish CATCHING Video HERE!

Click on photo to Enlarge and read the Report BELOW!

The Shadslinger report from Lake Livingston

Fishing is starting to heat up for white bass that are moving up the river and creeks to spawn. I have had several good catches of them while fishing for drum.

The big cat fish drifting in the lake using cut drum for bait has been excellent.

I will be posting results of white bass exploratory trips in the next few days and urge those who want in on the action to book early on for best days. last year the Red Bud trees bloomed on February the 16th that usually marks the full on assault of the white bass spawn.

Here are a few big catfish to look at, drifting trips are still producing both big numbers and big blue cats.

See you on the water.

Shad Slinger (AKA Loy Deason)
(936) 933-3314

Team C.B.F.
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