Make them work for you!
 Albright Knot - Join two lines of different thicknesses.  

 Blood Knot - Join two similar thicknesses of line.  

 Blood Bright Knot - Create drop loops in light line traces.  

 Swivel to Double - Attaches a swivel to a double with the double remaining intact.  

 Dropper Loop - Creates a stand out loop for attaching a hook to a trace.  

 Dropper Loop II - Form a loop for attaching sinkers to the main line.  

 Half Blood - Attach swivels, hooks and lures to the main line.  

 Half Blood II - Attaching swivels, lures, and hooks to the main line.  

 Palomar Knot - An all purpose hook to line knot. Very quick to tie and reasonably strong.  

 Wind on Wire Leader - A fairly simple join which enables reasonably long plastic
 coated wire traces to be wound up through the rod guides. Can be used for casting lures.

 Thumb Knot - A knot useful for attaching hooks and rings to heavy line.
 May require some practice to sequentially ease the loops off your thumb.

 Uni Knot - This versatile knot can be used can be used for connecting hooks, swivels,
 rings and lures. Its main advantage is that it retains virtually 90% breaking strain. Easy to tie even
 in the dark after practice. This is my favorite!

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