C.B.F. Enterprises Photo Instructions

C.B.F. Enterprises Photo Instructions

Children Please get your parents to help you.

Electronic Mail Procedure (Preferred Method)

Send a quality picture to oscar@catchingbigfish.net
Include your name, your child's name, type of fish, date caught and where caught.
Include information you might think is relevant like biggest fish, first fish, caught on, etc.
It would be nice to have a phone number, e-mail or some way other to contact you if any questions may arise.
Please allow 15 to 20 working days after receipt of you picture before it is posted. Maybe sooner.
Please do not send pictures over 25k in size. (try to keep them small).
All pictures submitted should be in a JPEG format.

General Information

This page is for children from the age of 16 and younger.
Remember that these pictures should be of the fish and the child as much as possible.
It is the web masters digression to post or not post your picture.
Please do not send pictures that show too much blood or are untasteful. They will be rejected.
Basic information about the catch and child must be submitted or it will be rejected.
The amount of time a picture stays on catchingbigfish.net depends on the amount of pictures sent during a
specific time period. As of now I plan to post pictures for at least 45 days
An e-mail will be sent to you once your picture has been posted (I need your e-mail address of course)

Contact us at: oscar@catchingbigfish.net for more information.

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